Little Growbags


Come on in.

What we do.

Daily routine.


The rear of the nursery is a secure play area where the children can play and learn under supervision.

There is a a paved area for activities when the weather doesn't permit playing elsewhere. In more favourable conditions there is a large, fenced, grassed area for play. We plan to develop this area over the coming spring and summer so that the children can learn about plants, insects and other aspects of their environment.


Also in the rear gardens are several well established small trees. The Silver Birch and Rowen trees attract a variety of native and migratory birds which the children are encouraged to take interest in. There are also pear and apple trees which provide fruit in the summer months. It's an opportunity for children to see fruit growing from blossom to the point where it can be picked and eaten from the tree.


The nursery also teaches and encourages children to recycle. We have paper, plastic and foil recycling bins in our craft room and a compost bin in our garden. Children will be encouraged to play an active part in caring for the environment.